Travel to somewhere new and different with Sam Weston.

Sam Weston is a Sydney-based electronic producer who has just put pen to paper and announced his signing with Melbourne label Soothslayer. Expect these two forces to be working close with each other in the future and produce some unbelievable music.

His sound is beyond unique and with his new single Don’t Save Face doing well, it appears Sam Weston won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The track goes for an impressive, yet unusual 13 minutes, which saves you pressing repeat.

Sam is more iconically known as one half of Alba who are an influential Sydney-based tech duo and continuously pushes the boundaries with his music constantly creating new sounds.

The influence for his newest music comes from his two month stint in rural Western Australia where he found a sense of serenity and was able to focus on music. Along with that, he had to adapt to the seclusion in such a rural place and lack of material available out there.

“I had inconsistent access to electricity for my synths, so this track is more sample-based than previous pieces” Sam explains.

His music seems to be so delicately put together and Don’t Save Face works so well as a dance track. The synths work so well and mashes nicely with the calm background sounds.

It’s something one could listen to on a Sunday morning with a coffee in hand or on a dance floor in the early hours of the morning.

It’s also been reported that Sam found inspiration for the track whilst on a trip to Thailand where he took a liking to Thai country music. Often, artists re-work and re-create sounds from other cultures.

Regardless of what Sam has done with the new track, it has worked. Travel to somewhere new and different with this song and Sam Weston will join you there. 

Listen to Don’t Save Face below: