It’s official. Everyone’s favourite it girl and ‘that guy from Thor’ have decided to call it quits. It’s been confirmed by People Magazine, and everyone knows that’s the go-to guide when it comes to reporting whose breaking up and making up within the celebrity world. After three short months together, and with half of that being spent across the Pacific ocean while Hiddleston was filming the new Thor film, it became clear that the distance was too much.

It definitely doesn’t help that Hiddleston is going around saying that he ‘grew tired of her‘. Even if you’re not a fan of her, that’s got to be rough coming from someone that you once dated. Although it’s all speculation at this point as to who broke up with who, one thing is for sure. They are definitely no longer together.


Source: Daily Mail

Look how happy they look as they arrive in Australia after a probable 18 hour flight. I definitely don’t look that good after being on a plane for that long. Anyway, the point still stands. They’re broken up and we here at Lush Taste hope they find happiness! They’re both good-looking people, I’m sure they can find another person at the drop of a hat.