How to Save Money for Travel

If you are saving for a big trip you have come to the right place. When considering going on a holiday it almost always comes down to money. International and interstate travel can be expensive and saving for your trip can be a hassle. Saving for travel is more of a lifestyle decision, it’s not something that happens overnight. Here are some tips to help you on your way to your dream holiday.

  1. Set up a money box

This doesn’t mean buying a money box, some of the best money boxes have started off as soft drink cans and jam jars. This is your chance to get crafty and create a really cool little spot to put away coins.

     2. Give away your gym membership

Some of you might be really happy to give up your gym membership and others of you might be like, noooooo. Well, I am sorry guys but in some case’s this could be saving you $30.00 a fortnight. If you save for 6 months cancelling your gym membership could save you $390 and that is a few nights accommodation.


      3. Cut the coffee

Some of you might drink a cup of coffee a day others may not. But if you buy a coffee per day over six months this adds up to $912.50. Just think of the things you could do with this money! Start making your own brew or even better purchase some of those cappuccino sachets for the office.

4. Use your bank’s atm and save on fees

This might sound silly and maybe it’s something you haven’t yet thought of. But last month I spent $42 on ATM fees. Honestly, what a waste of money? You might think ‘oh it’s only $2 or $2.50 but everything small adds up. This is just something to think about when you next get money out.


     5. Go to market!

Collect all of your old unwanted items and all of your old clothes and take them down to your local market! A few of you girls might even have some designer stuff that you want to get rid of as well and that can add up as well! There are also apps for selling your unwanted things and don’t forget trusty old ebay. Definately try de-cluttering and making some money off of it before heading away.


6. Stop drinking or at least cut down

Alcohol is expensive! Now this may not apply to everyone but if you do drink this is an easy way to cut down. A weekend out on the town with friends can cost a lot of money. Even if you don’t want to cut drinking out completely, think about going for the cheaper brand or even try drinking at home with your friends.


7. Stop buying

Sounds silly right? But honestly avoid shopping centres like the plague. If something in the house breaks try and fix it first. If you do need something around the house like sticky tape, think about whether or not you have some before buying it.

8. Rent out your spare room

With the help of the internet these days anything is possible. Get on your iphone take some good pics of all the different rooms in your house and make an ad for Facebook or Gumtree. You will have people wanting to rent it in no time!


9. Cancel your cable connection

Whether you have Foxtel, Netflix or Stan! This is just another thing that is sucking away your money to travel. Look into disconnecting these subscriptions.

10. Start cooking and limit takeaway

They call it fast food for a reason but everyone knows that cooking at home is a splendid way to save on money. Takeaway outlets and resturants wouldn’t be making money if it was cheaper to go out than eat in at home.


We hope some of these tips are helpful when saving for your next big trip! Follow some of these and before you know it, you will be off on your way to your dream destination.

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