Fans and listeners describe them as high energy, this two piece brother-sister duo aren’t afraid to chase their music dream. With a focus on rock and roots, 18-year-old Jack Blandford has been nailing vocals and guitar since the age of 7. When he picked up a guitar and refused to put it down. 16-year-old sister Frea isn’t just a pretty face, she’s a legend when it comes to playing the drums considering she has only been playing for 3 years.

Formally known as a “Jack and The Bom’ they have previously released two EP’s with they’re newest EP released in June 2015 called “Losing Control”. Their music can easily be described as the kind of tunes you would listen to by a bonfire on the beach. With their music reminding fans of those summers you only wish you could re-live.

Agnes Blue have been to many, many different festivals and are always playing somewhere new. They have played at festivals such as Byron Bluesfest, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Palm Creek Festival and Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Festival, just to name a few. If they’re aren’t busy rocking out at a festival you’ll more than likely find them at a Sunday sesh singing some sweet tunes.

Agnes Blue is currently in the middle of their South East Queensland Mini Tour, where they will be playing at various venues on the Sunshine Coast and in Brisbane. For more details head to their website!

They draw inspiration from bands like The White Stripes, John Bulter Trio and Stonefield. They tend to blend old style blues into modern surf rock. Which is an unusual sound to come from such a young duo. Fellow musicians and critics so often have good things to say about Agnes Blue.

“A duo this young shouldn’t be making music this unique, this edgy, this polished, this good. This is everything that’s good about rock ‘n roll.” – RARA’s Farm (Rock Music Blog)

“Agnes Blue were outstanding, a young male/female duo of guitar and drums who rocked, reminiscent of a rather famous America duo.” Scenestr

“Mad beach blues!” Nat Tencic (Triple J)

“An upbeat raucous affair” – Tender Branson

‘Losing Control’ out now and available from iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and more. Although of you like the ‘real deal’ and by that I mean the physical copy then head to where band merch is also available.

Words: Abbe