Image: The Courier Mail

Selena Gomez performed in Brisbane for the first time last Thursday night, after cancelling her Australian tour two years ago due to illness.

The 24-year-old looked stunning as she emerged on stage for her first set, opening with songs from her new album ‘Revival’. She sung a slow and shortened version of Revival, and followed with Same Old Love and Sober.

The stage was set up well with her live band, dancers, backup singers, and a giant screen showing close ups of the singer and images from her video clips.

Gomez was unwell, although it didn’t stop her from putting on a great show.

“I do have a little bit of strep throat but that’s not going to stop me from singing my heart out and that’s what you deserve”, she said.

She then went into singing her hit songs Good for You and Hands to Myself, before leaving for an outfit change and performing a few of her older songs Come and Get it, Slow Down, and Who Says.

Her next set was stripped back – she dedicated a song to her best friend on her birthday, performed her new song Feel Me, and followed with a few of the slower ballads on her record.

The show was impressive, well-rehearsed, featuring moody lighting and EDM influenced sounds. While Selena barely missed a choreographed move, she often left chunks of vocals up to the backup singers and relied heavily on the crowd to fill in missing lyrics.

After her final outfit change, she appeared back on stage with a cover of Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics, and ended the concert with Kill Em With Kindness, and I Want You To Know – her single with German DJ Zedd.

“There’s so many crazy things going on in the world; we could all use a little more kindness,” she said.

Selena left the stage the same way she appeared, singing an upbeat version of Revival.

Gomez was mesmerizing and sparkled with personality. She commanded the stage, maintaining an undeniable presence the entire time. Throughout the show her dancers proved to be very talented, keeping the crowd going even when Selena wasn’t there.