Nerve (2016) Film Review: The Ultimate Joyride!

Hunger Games on steroids…

Nerve is not quite your typical Hollywood film. It has a certain flare that is unique in nature, yet true to blockbuster formulae.
I mean it doesn’t even have a proper logo inducing film opening and gets right on into it.
The film revolves around sheltered girl, Vee (Emma Roberts) who decides to challenge herself by taking on the latest online game craze, Nerve (think Pokemon Go but with higher stakes). Her life then finally gains excitement as she is pushed to the limits for fame and money, along the way meeting handsome young dude Ian (Dave Franco).
While the truth or dare online experience spices up her life, things then take a twisted turn…
Roberts and Franco also lead the stylish flicksharing a bubbly chemistry on-screen which is complemented with a great score and nail-biting scenes of suspense.

Franco (left) and Roberts (right) chemistry is impeccable.
With a world so immersed in online experiences and the next innovations in technology, the films concept couldn’t be anymore culturally relevant. It makes audiences question the line between entertainment and humanity/privacy.
Verdict: A unique and pulsating experience that deviates from typical mainstream Hollywood fare.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Nerve hits Aussie cinemas September 1st.