There is a movie lover in all of us – even if we don’t consider ourselves to be a cineast deep down. Some of us don’t feel like they’ve done it right unless they’ve been to the cinema once a week or more. Others look at a trailer and think “Oh, that looks good. I’ll wait for the DVD.” One way or the other though, even if it’s just Singin’ In The Rain once a year at Christmas, we all love a good film.

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For the committed movie lover, however, it’s more of a commitment than just having that film that they love. Or picking up a few DVDs when they have a weekend free. As well as going to the cinema, there’s always news to keep up with. A new project for a favorite actor or director. A remake of a film they loved (which will either give it new life, or ruin it forever).

If you’re really into movies, then there’s more to keep up with than what’s in theaters right now. And this is where technology is your friend. A few apps on your phone can be the perfect companion on your celluloid journey.


If you’re a film lover, you’re probably familiar with IMDB, but if you’re not using it fully you’re missing out. It’s the silver bullet for all those conversations during a film. You know the ones – someone appears on screen and you know you’ve seen them before. “Oh, it’s her, from that thing … Look, it’s that guy from whatchamacallit”.

Also, if you sign up, you can get notifications for new projects. A new movie featuring him from that miniseries? Done. A sequel for that film featuring the woman from the thing you liked? Bingo.


If you go to the cinema often, you’ll see a lot of new stuff, but it’s easy to miss out a sleeper hit that didn’t even get in every cinema. Or you might just want to dig out a classic and watch that. Shelves up and down the land creak with DVDs and tapes of great movies. But you can free up space and make things more simple with a streaming service like the ShowBox app. From your mobile device to your TV, all the films and series you could ask for.

Location Scout

You know when you’re watching a film and it’s maybe a bit dull, and you look at the background? Maybe it’s not even that dull, but the scenery is just that beautiful? You want to know where it was shot, maybe even go there on holiday.

Equally, you may wonder what films have been shot near to where you live or are going soon. This app lets you find out more about shooting locations, so you can drink in the cinematic history of it all. If you’ve always wanted to recreate a scene from a movie, it’s a useful friend to have.

To people who just like the occasional evening on the couch watching a movie, it may seem excessive to take such a deep interest. But for someone who would watch Jaws 4 because, terrible as it is, it does have Michael Caine? You can never have too many movie apps.