Britney Spears – ‘Glory’ (Album Review)

Britney is back in business…

What an album! Britney Spears has truly delivered with her latest album Glory.
It’s the perfect mix of old school and modern day Britney this time around.
From the opening track, cleverly titled “Invitation” you know you are in for a true pop gem.
While it pretty much is a true Britney dance pop album throughout, there is a far more mature and sultry tone to be seen here with Britney breaking a little from manufactured sounds. She even serves fans some true old school Britney on tracks like “Do You Wanna Come Over?”
Ms. Spears delivers an emotionally charged and beautiful guitar stringed track titled “Just Like Me”. Some Twitter fans even made a little joke that it’s the delayed reaction to Justin’s “Cry Me A River” music video…
Thank you Britney for fighting to stay in mainstream pop and serving exactly what pop lovers are all about – pure bubblegum pop with no shame. QUEEEN!
Fave Tracks: Do You Wanna Come Over?, Just Like Me, Make Me…, Slumber Party, Better, Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes), Liar, If I’m Dancing

Overall Rating: 8/10

RCA Records.