Gay Dating 101

Why, oh why is it all about hook-ups these days…

Date Expectations

Don’t be taken for granted no more by following our guide to ensuring you have the perfect date.

  1. Asses if that Grindr guy is actually dateable not f***able.
  2. If he asks for pics (the dirty kind), forget about it being serious.
  3. Shift through his questions, if it keeps going back to compliments about your body and not on getting to know each other = red flag!.
  4. Get to know each other via whatever dating service you prefer before making the next move. By next move, we mean meeting each other.
  5. Once you feel comfortable and feel like you can trust each other (aka the guy is not a creep) then by all means meet up.
  6. When meeting up, try and go to a public place rather than a pick-up/house visit as it may lead to something else.
  7. Now is the real test, if you like what you see and feel his online-self is similar to his real-self than it’s time to work your magic. Get your flirt on!
  8. YAS! You did it.
  9. After the date is done, go your separate way BUT if things felt right and there was a spark hopefully seal it with a kiss.
  10. If there is no kiss, that can sometimes be for the better as you can take things slow and attain a more steady but successful new flame.
  11. After that go your separate ways for real – yay for you if you’re really into him. If you are meh and kind of like him (but not in a serious way) than you might as well have some fun…

This is for all the serious daters out there though so try and keep it PG first. I mean hey, a little fun ain’t that bad too… right?

Let us know your dating experiences in the comments below.