Ariana shows maturity and poise in her brand new album ‘Dangerous Woman’…

We break the album down track by track individually with their own respective scores:

1. Moonlight – A nice little mellow beginning to a bop-tastic album. 3/5

2. Dangerous Woman – The debut single shows no cracks even though it has been a few weeks since debut. Such a catchy and sexy track! “Something bout, something bout youuuu.” 5/5

3. Be Alright – Dance the night away to this vogue-esque classy pop jam. 5/5

4. Into You – Where is my hair? This track is EVERYTHING! Literally blown away by how energetic and amazing this track is. Sounds like a perfect club banger too!! 5/5

5. Side to Side (feat. Nicki Minaj) – These two together can do no wrong. This is the third time they’ve collaborated (“Get On Your Knees”, “Bang Bang”) and have again pieced together another bop. I love the Jamaican vibes, plus the lyrics are so infectious! 5/5

6. Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) – Hmm, not sure what to think of this song. It has its moments but it’s not as amazing as the album’s earlier tracks. Ariana sounds amazing though but I could have done without the Lil Wayne verse. 2.5/5

7. Greedy – We are back in business! Such a cute track that resonates well with Ariana’s earlier material. A carefree sunshine kind of feel that strangely makes you bring out all your inner sass. 5/5

8. Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray) – Now this is quite the unexpected collaboration! It’s unique, ambitious and quite experimental for Ariana. All in all it makes for a lovely musical experience. 5/5

9. Everyday (feat. Future) – I told you this album was full of bop-tastic material. Everything about this track works, Ariana slaying with the verses while Future brings the catchy hook. 4/5

10. Sometimes – “Cause we’re collectin’ moments”…. A meaningful and powerful track that turns things down a little. It allows for Ariana to bring out her emotional side again and delve into her past and current relationship. 5/5

11. I Don’t Care – A slower ballad that channels Ariana’s theatrical love. It’s good but nothing overtly exciting here… It’s not bad though. 2.5/5

12. Bad Decisions – Probably the most naughtiest we have heard Ariana be. Is this her first time dropping the F bomb? Also YAS at the “bad bitch” line. Rihanna teas right here peeps! 3/5

13. Touch It – Love, love, love. Another track on par with “Into You” that will leave you speechless. Why is this a bonus track? This needs to be a single ASAP! 5/5

14. Knew Better/Forever Boy – Sexy, chilled and badass. Ariana tells off one of her exes and what they missed out on (ain’t that the truth) before closing on a different tone for the final arrangmeent with a new love. 3.5/5

15. Thinking Bout You – A perfect closing track for the deluxe edition. It’s not often an album closes out with a vulnerable and emotional jam.  5/5

Overall Thoughts: Ariana does not disappoint in the follow up to her hit album ‘My Everything’ by showcasing a more flirtatious, sexy and mature side.

Overall Rating: 9/10
‘Dangerous Woman’ is now available to stream and purchase at all major music outlets.