Captain America’s latest outing, Civil War (aka Avengers 3?) has officially arrived!

Check out the 15 thoughts we had while watching the hotly anticipated flick below.


Warning there may be minor spoilers below.

You’ve been warned…

1. This is it! The film that pits our favourite heroes against each other.

2. Okay it just started and it’s already amazing!

3. Wow Robert Downey Jr. looks so strange as a teen…

4. Hmmm, is it just me or is this the most serious Marvel film yet?

5. This is one insane chase scene and the Black Panther is owning it.

6. I’m really feeling the political undertones now. It really does feel ever so resonant with today’s times, particularly the costs of war. The balance of protecting the innocent whilst also risking the casualties.

7. #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.. that is the question.

8. Time to call in reinforcements and build on the Avengers brand.

9. Tony Stark meet Peter Parker… *faints*

10. I love seeing all the heroes together and being cheeky whilst fighting. This is some much needed comic relief!

11. YES! So nice to see Emily VanCamp‘s character more incorporated this time around.

12. Wow, is this another plot and we are already at the two hour mark?

13. WHATTT! I did not see that plot twist coming.

14. I can’t breath, this battle is so intense! OMG who will come out alive?

15. Waits around after the credits and YASS! there is an amazing easter egg.

Overall Film Rating: 7.5/10