Gasp! Arden Cho is Not Returning for ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6!


So it’s official—Kira, the character played by Arden Cho, will not be returning to Teen Wolf. Fans were left speculating at the end of Season 5, as to whether or not Kira will be back on the show. Sadly, Arden Cho has announced, via a Youtube video, that she will not be back on Teen Wolf.

In the video, Cho apologizes for the interviews that she gave where she said that she was excited for Season 6. She clarifies by saying “Because I think at the time we were assuming that we were back. And yeah, I think sometimes in a show where there are so many characters, there isn’t always room for everyone and everyone’s storylines, so I guess that was it.” She also goes on to say that she wished her character had had more of an “epic ending.”

Meanwhile, fans are already discussing about what this could mean for the show. With Kia’s character abruptly ending, does this mean the show will move in a new direction? There’s also a rumour going around that Kia will be back on the show at some point in the future. And hey, you never know, anything could happen on Teen Wolf!

What did you think about Kia’s ending? Were you hoping that Cho will be back for Season 6?