ZAYN – ‘Mind of Mine’ (Album Review)

Zayn makes the right move…

RCA Records & Complex Magazine.

Leaving One Direction dare I say it, was the probably the best move Zayn Malik could have made.

His first single “Pillowtalk” really kick-started his solo career as it continually gains radio play and chart success.

But is the album any good?… In short, yes.

What makes the album so enjoyable is that every track has it’s own voice, rather than being all copycats of “Pillowtalk.” Zayn really showcases that he isn’t afraid of exploring different territories and is not afraid to take risks.

Leaving the boy band was essential for Zayn as he can now freely explore and express his true thoughts, desires and self. A battle he struggled with whilst in the popular X-Factor formed band.

Zayn even includes some of his cultural roots on soothing interlude, “Flower” which has him speaking Urdu. That’s right Zayn has included a different language on an otherwise English major pop release. Slay!

There is also some major influence and resemblance to Justin Timberlake (another ex-band member who has gone on to be a solo powerhouse) here too. This is noticeable with the instrumental breakdowns along with sexual themes of the album on tracks like “TiO” and “sHe”.

Be sure to also grab/or listen to the deluxe as “Like I Would” and “She Don’t Love Me” are must-haves.

Verdict: A perfect solo launchpad that allows us to get to know Zayn for the talented young man he is. A must-listen!

Best Tracks: BeFoUr, TiO, sHe, dRuNk, rEaR vIeW, wRoNg, LIKE I WOULD. (No these are not typo errors, this is how Zayn intended the track-list to appear.)

Mind of Mine is now available to purchase & stream.
Overall Rating: 8/10