Less Samuel L.Jackson, and more apes…a lot more.
Early December last year, the David Yates helmed Warner Bros. epic The Legend of Tarzan brought us its first trailer, introducing Alexander Skarsgård as its title character and Margot Robbie as his companion Jane Porter, as well as Oscar Nominees and Winners Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, John Hurt, Jim Broadbent and Christopher Waltz.
As Tarzan became accustomed to the London lifestyle as John Clayton III – Lord Greystoke, an invitation leads him back to Congo to serve as a trade emissary of the Parliament. Unaware of his place in a deadly scheme of greed and revenge plotted by the Belgian Captain Leon Rom, the beast within him is about to be unleashed for his rightful place and his love.
The second trailer gives us a better insight into Tarzan’s origin as the orphan raised by the jungle…. After his previous family failed to survive. Featuring less human presence in the city, legions of beasts took their stead as they rampaged through rivers, feral lands and of course – the towns where men sit idly in their suits and enjoy their tea.

There is naturally magnificent visual captured, as well as some Planet of the apes-esque CGI, but the real attraction as of now is still Skarsgård starring in his first lead role in a film of this magnitude. (Let’s forget about Battleship…as most of us hope to do)

Check out ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ official trailer 2 below:

The Legend of Tarzan hits Australian cinemas in July