James Wan is a busy man. At WonderCon over the weekend he has debuted 2 new trailers, one for The Conjuring 2 – sequel to the original phenomenal hit back in 2013. The other was a project named Lights Out, starring Teresa Palmer and helmed by new feature director David F. Sandberg, creating the full length motion picture from his very own 2 min short film.

Everyone’s been afraid of the dark, in fact it’s in our instinct to do so, and what horror could be more brilliant than that which preys on our very instinct.

When Rebecca left home, she thought she left her childhood fears behind. No one, including Rebecca was absolutely sure of what was and wasn’t real in the darkness, especially when you’re just a kid- when the lights go out things seem to be moving…her experience however, was a little more different.  Now her little brother is plagued by the very same mysterious and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity. An entity, once attached to their mother Sophie, has reemerged to haunt her offsprings. Determined to find the truth, Rebecca and Martin battles the unknown in the feature trailer, yet nothing is certain and the slender woman hiding in the shadows appears to be everywhere.

Check out ‘Lights Out’ Official Trailer below:

Lights Out hits Australian cinemas June 16, 2016.