A quirky and funny statement on class division…

Sacha Baron Cohen never fails in delivering hilarious social commentary, and Grimsby is no exception.

The flick revolves around a UK lad named Nobby (Cohen) who is on the hunt to find his long lost brother, Sebastian (Mark Strong) only to later find out he is now living as a spy. Nobby then becomes entrapped within his brothers dangerous life, putting his brother Sebastian even more at risk then he is.

What makes this film so fun is the dynamic Cohen has with his on-screen brother as both are quite the opposite of each other. I mean seeing Strong (who is usually so serious) take the piss and join in on Cohen’s humour makes for quite the fun viewing.

Cohen’s wife, Isla Fisher also appears in the film as an agent assistant alongside the hilarious Rebel Wilson who in turn plays his on-screen wife. Talk about a double Aussie whammy!

If you’re worried about how much humour you can take from Cohen, the film does go by fairly quickly as numerous jokes/shocks keep on coming without overstaying their welcome.

Verdict: Another hilarious Cohen outing that packs a powerful punch on social class warfare.

Overall Rating: 7/10

See some of the reactions from a special screening in Sydney below:

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