Sia amazes yet again…

Sia‘s album as she puts it herself, is quite frankly full of rejects from the artists whom she had originally intended them for.
Oh boy did they miss out on some major hits, but then again we get to see Sia bring her powerhouse vocals to the table.
I mean this album has everything you could ask for from a pop album.
From emotionally inspired tracks to powerhouse pop dance anthems. Slay a bit Sia!
Cheap Thrills which was originally intended for Rihanna truly is every gay boys/female dream with it’s exotic dance vibe. Plus Move Your Body is just waiting to be played at a nightclub, I mean what kind of jam!
Unstoppable is the confident anthem of the album that will inspire you to live your life to its fullest, “I’m so confident, yeah, I’m unstoppable today.”

That’s just a few tracks though, with plenty of other major highlights to be found.

Verdict: This is Acting flows effortlessly from start to finish. I mean if you were put off by Sia constantly hitting the high notes in Alive, then the rest of the album will put your mind at ease with it’s range of music.
Do yourself a favour pop lovers, and get this gem of an album.
Best Tracks: Cheap Thrills, Move Your Body, Footprints, Unstoppable, Broken Glass & House On Fire.

Overall Rating: 9/10