Rihanna – ‘ANTI’ (2016) Album Review

Rihanna goes ANTI-pop on long-awaited new album…

Westbury Road & Roc Nation.

After an excruciating and painful three year wait, RihRih has finally returned.

When we say painful, we mean so as the era was all over the place with numerous dates and ideas being thrown around surrounding the album. It doesn’t help that there was multiple drama surrounding the eighth album for Rihanna behind the scenes.

Then just like that, the catchy and carefree track “Work” with Drake finally broke the ANTI drought.

Enough of the album’s history, is ANTI actually good?

The answer to that question depends on wether or not you are a top 40 lover. It makes sense that Rihanna called the album ANTI, perhaps a reference to her shunning the bubblegum pop route.

From the very first track, “Consideration” you know this is going to be a different album. You’ll channel some serious feels throughout the album from feeling sexual, sad, high, and just general-vibing especially on tracks like “Same Ol’ Mistake.”

My only problem with the LP, is at times some of the tracks are way too short disabling them from reaching full potential. This is quite notable on “Higher”, “James Point” and deluxe track, “Goodnight Gotham.” Perhaps they serve as intro’s and outro’s?

On a final note, don’t be off-put if you thought pop Rihanna was done as some tracks come close to her more pop and radio friendly material such as “Kiss It Better”, “Needed Me” and Amy Winehouse channeling track, “Love On The Brain.”

Verdict: Rihanna has finally blessed us with ANTI. The wait was all indeed worth it in the end, especially for fans who wanted to see the talented Barbados beauty continue to grow as an artist.

It may be a little underwhelming though for fans of her more pop/dance material.

Best Tracks: Work, Kiss It Better, Desperado, Needed Me, Same Ol’ Mistakes, Never Ending & Love on the Brain.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Anti is available to stream and purchase on all digital music outlets, the physical edition goes on sale February 2nd.