(WATCH) Selena Gomez ‘Hands To Myself’ Music Video

Selena’s revival continues with her sexy new single…

Hands To Myself is the third single from Selena’s second studio album, Revival. We’re so glad to have single number three. This album has so much potential, and many of the tracks have the ability to conquer the charts. It would be a shame if they weren’t given the opportunity, much like her previous album (2013’s Stars Dance), which only produced two singles. Interscope Records clearly have a lot more confidence in Selena than Hollywood Records ever did.

The track is a great single choice, even receiving the Taylor Swift stamp of approval back in October when the album was released. Taylor tweeted:

However, this is not the video treatment we were expecting, it’s better! Selena plays an obsessed ex girlfriend, breaking into the apartment of a former lover (Christopher Mason). She makes herself at home until he shows up and has her arrested. The ending also has a little twist that you’ll have to see for yourself.

Selena has never looked more grown up. Blossoming into a gorgeous young adult, she knows her limits. While you can see her frolicking in lingerie and taking baths, she is far from stripping completely and riding wrecking balls. This former Disney star knows her limits, who her fans are, and how to keep her work both interesting and professional at the same time.

Check out the sexy new video below:

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