Bond is back, but is Spectre on-par with it’s predecessors?

James Bond is back yet again for the 24th time ever (does he ever die?) as Daniel Craig steps in the shoes of the bad boy player spy once again and perhaps for the last time.

This time around Bond is on a mission to discover something sinister and mysterious from his past, while MI6 fight to save their organisation when it comes under threat by C (aka Max) to incroporate a secret service called ‘Nine Eyes.’

With stunning sequences (particularly Sam Smith‘s opening theme sequence) and loads of action, Spectre makes for a fun ride except it takes a little too long to get the fun going.  It also doesn’t help that Craig kind of looks bored in this sequel, or perhaps it’s just the fact that we know that his over it as he’s expressed in recent interviews for the film.

With Bond films, you go in expecting to be entertained rather than attaining any particular new knowledge or meanings (I’m sure there is a little of that though with Nine Eyes program discussing some interesting points on surveillance) which means viewers lose interest with loads of set up and dialogue. Even in terms of action, some are dragged out too long or there are too many of them dispersed throughout the flick.

Verdict: A little overfull and a slow-starter that still provides some Bond fun along the way. Better than Quantum of Solace, but a little behind Casino Royale and Skyfall.

Overall Film Rating: 6.5/10 

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