Samantha’s new album is finally here!

It’s hard to believe that only three years have passed since Samantha Jade took the crown on the The X Factor Australia, stunning the airwaves with the memorable What You’ve Done To Me. The track, her image, and her progress on the talent show proved that she had what it took to become Australia’s biggest name in modern pop.

Since then, single after single has been released, leaving fans to constantly wonder, where is the album? The delays are most likely due to complications with her former record label, as well as the passing of her mother back in 2014. However, fans of the Australian star will be happy to know that Nine delivers on providing eleven much needed, and always appreciated pop tracks.

One of the standouts, as well as the obvious fan favorite is Show Me Love. With its subtle dance pop production, the Tinashe sounding track has the ability to thrive on Australian radio. Although it’s likely that Always (originally planned for release before the album announcement) will be the next single. Incredibly uplifting and cheerful, it really is the perfect choice for this summer.

The album is missing one thing. Dedicated to her late mother, many of her fans were expecting a track in her memory.  It would have been great to see Samantha channel that emotion into a ballad, which could have been the perfect way to end the album. Although we are positive that Jacqui would be extremely proud of her daughter regardless.

It’s also a shame that some of her classic and most memorable singles (Firestarter and Soldier) were likely considered too old to make the cut. Although Samantha recently hinted that a deluxe edition of Nine is being considered, which would include the four singles that have been released between the show, and the album, as well as new material. Fingers crossed!

Must listen: Always, Wait for It, Only Just Begun, Show Me Love & Born to Be Alive.

Album Rating: 8/10

Nine is available to purchase on Australian iTunes now!

Sony Music Australia 

Words: Nathan Bertao