And so another modern rom-com where twenty-somethings look for love in New York and find themselves along the way is offered to us.

How to be Singledoesn’t really look like it’ll offer anything new, but it does look like a decent way to spend 90-120 minutes eating popcorn and dreaming of a more exciting life where Rebel Wilson is your best friend, and you have a fancy, but probably irrelevant to the plot, job, and this time the person you’ve madly fallen in love with doesn’t want to tie you up and whip you for his own (but hey, maybe yours too) sexual pleasure.
That last part might make more sense when I tell you that the lead character, Alice, is played by Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson. Rebel Wilson can be seen throughout the trailer, tramping through New York City, showing the newly single Alice about the true joys of living in the City that Never Sleeps. Wilson looks like her hilarious self, playing Mr Miyagi to Dakota Johnson’s single Karate Kid.
The trailer is a bit light on the rest of the cast, mainly showing off universal favourite Wilson, and star in training, Johnson. Dakota Johnson hasn’t proved her acting chops yet enough to sell a movie (although her being drunk was the only genuinely enjoyable bit of Fifty Shades of Grey) but the movie also features the goddess Leslie Mann (who can do no wrong), TV comedy stars Alison Brie (Community) and Anders Holm (Workaholics, The Mindy Project), Jake Lacy who is slowly being seen more and more in Hollywood (recently on Girls, and check out Obvious Child – he and the film are adorable), and the forever underrated (since acting in phenomenal classic Sky High,) Nicholas Braun.
Check out the trailer below to decide if it’s worth $15-$20 to see another NYC Rom-Com (probably Cheap Tuesday worthy at least).
Released in Australian cinemas on the 11th of February 2016.