Ellie Goulding’s new album Delirium is best added to a playlist and put on shuffle.

Earlier this year I was very sick of hearing Ellie Goulding’s high-pitched, robotic, smoky voice. If I had to listen to Love Me Like You Do one more time I would write a very strongly worded letter to every radio station in the world begging them to stop playing it. But as soon as I heard the first single, On My Mind from Goulding’s new album Delirium, I was hooked. 
The rest of the album is just as toe-tapping and catchy, though it loses a little of Goulding’s identity. Codes sounds like Goulding is trying to sing someone else’s song. It gets better, but it would be as interesting if sung by those other British chicks, Little Mix. And heck, maybe it’d even be a little more exciting. The next track Holding on For Life reaches the standard you’d expect from Goulding. It sounds like her, it gets your heart racing and you immediately want to listen to it again. The whole album runs a bit like this: a glorious Ellie anthem, trailed by an okay song. 
If you listen on Spotify or get the deluxe version, you’ll be treated to 22 songs: all high intensity croons of love and war. It’s definitely a pop album, a little further from Goulding’s earlier (and in my opinion, stronger) releases, but it’s good for a bit of fun.
Those who like Ellie Goulding and mainstream music will love this album. Those who like Ellie Goulding’s earlier music will think it’s okay. The production is solid, but maybe where a bit of Goulding’s magic is lost. Don’t Panic is reminiscent of Troye Sivan’s Wild, which isn’t a bad thing. And Codes borrows a bit of tone from Goulding’s squad-mate Taylor Swift. 
If you’re looking for a few things to add to your Saturday night playlist, go for ‘Aftertaste,’ ‘On My Mind’, ‘Holding on For Life,’ ‘Scream it Out,’ and ‘The Greatest’.

Avoid: ‘I Do What I Love’.
Album Verdict: 7/10