At Long Last… Warcraft Trailer Launched at Blizzcon (WATCH)

Whether you’re a hardcore fan following each of the expansion right along, a casual player like myself or not one at all, we’ve all heard of the Warcraft name; and now brought to you by legendary pictures, the trailer for the epic feature has finally been launched.

After the brief appearance of Duncan Jones the director and the central cast (sans Travis Fimmel as Anduin Lothar) at the 2015 Blizzcon, the Universal logo rises, as well as a falcon above the mountains of Azeroth. 
What the trailer revealed remains quite simplistic, featuring the appearances of most central casts while giving a brief introduction to the storyline – set in at some point during the First War of Orcs and Humans, the inhabitants of Draenor flee to the human world of Azeroth, where a war of might and magic breaks out between the Horde and the Alliance as they battle for the survival of their people. As the conflict between Humans and Orcs escalate beyond comprehension, so does the quarrel between the factions within the races.
Assuming that the movie has not deviated too much from its original setting, we’ll most likely see a few demons of the burning legion who saw little appearance in the trailer, exercising their influence upon the orcs, especially Gul’dan the infamous shaman whom we also don’t see much. And just maybe, a few other races too? Oh and Shrek origin anyone? Just kidding we all know it’s baby Thrall (credit to youtuber doodymagoob). 
Travis FImmel and Toby Kebbell lead the cast as Anduin Lothar and Durotan, featuring Ben Foster (Medivh), Paula Patton (Garona), Dominic Cooper (King Llane Wrynn), Clancy Brown (Blackhand), Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim) and Daniel Wu (Gul’dan).
Whether you’re completely geeking out over the familiar names or just excited for another 100 million+ budget movie, here’s the trailer. 
Hey Legendary, let’s NOT stuff this one up.
Warcraft hits cinemas on June 10, 2016.