Adele Drops Second Single ‘When We Were Young’ (WATCH)

I thought that camera quality was too good for 60 minutes!


After yesterday’s sneak peak at Adele’s new single “When We Were Young” on a 60 Minutes promo, fans were blessed by an early release of the full song live this morning. 
Along with the record breaking Hello, the song will feature on Adele’s third album 25, coming out this Friday.

“When We Were Young” is a soulful rendition of nostalgia and fears every twenty something knows well. The performance is dramatic and sassy, beautifully performed with a full live band. 

But my favourite part is definitely the ending, Adele transforming back to her giggly self we all know and love, exclaiming ‘I’ve never done that before in my life!’. 
Watch “When We Were Young” below: