Adele’s 25 is a little bit different, but still utter perfection.

While Adele’s new album 25is a slight departure from her record breaking previous album, 21, those familiar with her first release, 19, will find it less of a surprise.
25 dips into the same pool of issues as 21 – saying goodbye (or good riddance), and the bitterness of unrequited love – this album shows off more of a range from Adele, despite the release of the album’s first single Hello sending the same vibes. Even though everyone loves that stuff from Adele, there’s more variety here for people to enjoy with that incredible voice.
The tone of this album reaches back before Adele’s career, to those who came before her, with the likes of Dusty Springfield and Dionne Warwick echoing in tracks like All I Ask and Sweetest Devotion.
But when compared to pop stars of today Adele is in a category all of her own. Water Under the Bridge is the perfect bridging song between the old Adele who made our broken hearts beautiful, and the new Adele who is ready to compete with the pop world without compromising even a skin cell of her perfect self.
Admittedly, 25 is enough of a change for it to be slightly confusing on the first listen. Based on the already released singles of Hello and When We Were Young, some of the other songs seem off balance from the rest of Adele’s hits. But when you listen to it again (and I’m sure most will hear it more than once over the Christmas period, whether they intend to or not) 25 beautifully reflects another chapter of a life in a way that everyone can understand.

Best Tracks: Hello, When We Were Young, River Lea, Love in the Dark, and Sweetest Devotion.
Album Rating: 9.5/10