Demi Lovato – ‘Confident’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Demi owns her confidence and power in brand new album …

Demi Lovato has come a long way in finding her confidence, particularly facing tough turmoil on being comfortable in her own skin. Hit single, Skyscraper, particularly honed this message during her tough time when she was only beginning to find her feet.

Four years after we first heard that song, Demi has a whole new look and sound. Cool For The Summer marked the first taste of the Confident era and revealed a much more comfortable Demi. Flirting with her wild side, partying, experimenting and just having some good ol’ fun.

Along with having fun, Demi also channels her urban side on the album by teaming up with Iggy Azalea on killer club banger, Kingdom Come. It is bound to be the next Black Widow and will remain stuck in your head for days.

It’s not all about owning your sexuality and loving your own skin though, as Demi gets personal on her complicated relationship with her late father on the aptly titled track, Father. You feel her struggle and it resonates well with listeners who have experienced tough relationships.

Lovato also continues to inspire her fans on the album with Lionheart spreading the message of being powerful individuals, to be ‘Lionhearts’. The vocals on this track are just amazing!

Filled with powerful vocals, catchy tracks and emotionally-inspired ballads, Confident is pop perfection and showcases Demi’s current state of mind. A must-listen of 2015!

Best Tracks: Confident, Old Ways, Cool For The Summer, Kingdom Come, Lionheart, Father, Wildfire, Stars (Deluxe Edition).

Album Verdict: 8/10

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