Need a cure for “Another Lonely Night”? Lambert’s got you covered…

Adam Lambert has finally released the music video for Another Lonely Night featuring on his latest album The Original High, which also offers hit track Ghost Town.
The video comes after multiple teasers, and it is just as electric as the song itself.
The music video opens with Adam’s fierce face, which almost resembles an older Zayn Malik.
We are then introduced to two female characters, who are both softly gorgeous, but who are alone in their own apartments just like Adam.
We then meet a masculine male who is quick to whip his shirt off (woohoo!) which is followed by some more light nakedness.
We then see our beautiful characters hit the big city, revealing themselves as Las Vegas performers (cue more nakedness from our masculine male). 
They then all return to their respective apartments alone, retracting from their extroverted nightlives and enjoying the quietness of their own company.
The video leaves a sense of ‘wow’ after watching it, as we see a glimpse into the disjointed, lonely lives of those that live to please others. Very powerful, and very human.
Its definitely a well thought out, well produced video and really leaves the audience with a taste of Adam Lambert after its finished.

Go Lamby!

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