WATCH: New clip from ‘The Intern’ featuring Anne Hathaway!

‘The Intern’ starring Academy Award winners Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro is looking like a must-see after the release of the new featurette clip ‘Meet Jules’.

The short clip presents Anne Hathaway introducing her own character Jules Ostin, who is both a mother and the CEO of an online fashion company (just casually).
We can almost see Hathaway’s character as a fully-grown up version of her clumsy intern self in ‘The Devil wears Prada’. She is bubbly, confident, but has a rushed nature (she rides into her office on her own indie, white, ultra-hipster bike. Where can I sign up for this internship?!).
Enter Robert De Niro’s character, widower Ben Whitaker, a 70 year old intern who is sophisticated, yet non-condescending.
The movie itself presents itself as light-hearted, yet thought provoking. The chemistry between de Niro and Hathaway is something that should not be missed. Their relationship gives off a ‘Lost in Translation’ vibe, no chemistry but ultimately best friends who learn from each other and grow from it.  
Both the trailer and the clip are enough to tell you that you should probably get around to seeing this movie at some point. I feel like it will be one of those movies that people will be talking about at dinners, and at work , and that you should probably not confuse with ‘The Internship’ which starred Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and look like a total doofus.

Check out the clip here!

‘The Intern’ will be released in Australian cinemas on October 1st. Get excited!