WATCH: Justin Bieber – “What Do You Mean” (Music Video)

The Biebs is Back!
First he teased us mercilessly for a long 30 days, with nearly everyone lending a selfie to help promo, then his incredible (and teary) performance at the 2015 VMAS and here we are we finally have the video.

He’s a guy you either love or hate, but ill feelings aside you’ve got to admit he can spin a catchy tune. ‘What Do You Mean’ is an infectious ditty that you can dance too and the video is classic JB with a twist? It’s a bit raunchy, a bit fun and a whole lot of mysterious. It wants to be called a ‘film’ and in some respect it is a 4-minute film, it begins with JB making a deal with a shady character. Then its time for the almost guaranteed steamy hook-up scene between Justin and model Xenia Deli, unfortunately the fun in the seedy motel room only lasts so long before the pair are kidnapped. Never fear though because the duo do kiss again, the pair escape the clutches of evil and end up partying in a graffiti filled Skate Park.

Overall the video is a bit of fun, no one actually got hurt and Justin’s new hairdo gets to shine it all its glory!

Also make sure to keep an eye out for the (not so subtle) Selena Gomez reference!