Tris goes beyond the wall in first-look at epic two-part finale…

Yes Divergent fans, we are already approaching the release of the third film ‘Allegiant’, which you guessed it, serves as the first part to a two-part finale.

In the sneak peek, we see a rehash of the series’ events before being treated to some brand spankin’ new footage. Amongst the new footage is what lies beyond the wall, with explosions, tears and a new character in need of Tris’s help…

The final part, which has also been cleverly renamed (perhaps to cover up the fact that it’s a two-parter) to ‘Ascendant’ and will be released in 2017.

Forget about 2017 for now as ‘Allegiant’ will be released in theatres, March next year.

Check out the epic new teaser below:

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