Directed by Scott Cooper (‘Crazy Heart’), Black Mass sets itself in 1970s South Boston, where FBI Agent John Connolly (Edgerton) persuades Irish mobster Jimmy Bulger (Depp) to collaborate with the FBI in order to eliminate their common enemy: the Italian mob. The drama tells the story of this unholy alliance, which spiraled out of control, allowing Whitey to evade law enforcement while consolidating his power and becoming one of the most ruthless and dangerous gangsters in Boston history.

Coming off the fresh and raving reviews from Venice Film Festival, the bio-pic is celebrating in the spotlight right now with ‘Johnny Depp’s come back’ slogan slapped all over it.

The film also stars Joel Edgerton (‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘Zero Dark Thirty’) as FBI Agent John Connolly; Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch (‘The Imitation Game’) as Whitey’s brother, powerful State Senator Billy Bulger; Rory Cochrane (‘Argo’) as Steve Flemmi, Whitey’s closest partner in crime; Jesse Plemons (TV’s ‘Fargo’) as Whitey’s main henchman, Kevin Weeks; and Kevin Bacon (‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’, TV’s ‘The Following’) as FBI Special Agent in Charge, Charles McGuire.

While Johnny Depp himself may not have gone anywhere as an actor capable of bringing to life characters of extreme abnormality (not to mention being a three-time Oscar nominee), his reputation certainly has with the likes of ‘Mortdecai’,‘Lone Ranger’, ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Dark Shadows’, suffering from both critical and commercial misfires. But now with the aid of the notorious Whitey Bulger, you bet he’s back… and terrifying as ever.

‘If nobody sees it, it didn’t happen.’

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BLACK MASS hits Australian cinemas on October 8, 2015