REVIEW: Halsey – ‘Badlands’

Blue hair blazing, it’s hard to miss the newest alternative pop sensation to hit our eardrums.  Twenty-year-old Halsey enters the music scene officially with her debut album ‘Badlands’, and boy does it pack a punch.

Combining powerful vocals and wonderfully executed alternate beats, Badlands is an album full of evocative imagery and every emotion you have ever experienced.  Sounding like an ode to summers past and the nostalgia of youth, this album has so much potential to make a big stand on the charts.

Definite dance anthems include ‘Hold Me Down’ and ‘New Americana’, while achingly beautiful tracks like ‘Haunting’, ‘Control’ and ‘Ghost’ balance out the album perfectly.

A personal favourite is ‘Colours’, with clever lyrics of romance gone wrong and a catchy chorus of electric beats, followed by a minute-long breakdown track similar to that found on The 1975 album.  Special mention to ‘Roman Holiday’, the ultimate road trip song, and Coming Down, an acoustic ballad unlike any other track on the album.

Perfect for addictive listening but also with something a little deeper, tugging at heart strings and honestly, just so lovely to listen to. Badlands is a well-rounded, catchy, and seriously good album.  Badlands has made Halsey an honest contender in the alternative scene, so remember the name, as I’m predicting big things from this young artist.

And now, the question stands: will you enter the Badlands?

Verdict: 8/10

Words: Stephanie Paglia