A touching comedy on the matters of head and heart…

Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro‘s chemistry is untouchable in Warner Bros. latest comedy, The Intern.

The two come together when Hathaway’s character Jules is forced to adopt an intern to help with her work load in a program by her company to find old (and most likely retired) interns rather than the usual slaving away young labourers. Hathaway is a workaholic while De Niro’s character Ben is full of calming wisdom and warmth… Yeah, you can get the picture now.

Filled with laughs, love and business, The Intern hits on all the right notes and doesn’t get too corny or bland like light-hearted comedies can all too often get. While the material may not exactly be exciting, both Hathaway and De Niro bring a certain charm to the characters which make this flick such a treat.

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers who brought to life such classics, The Holiday and The Parent Trap, the central theme of this new tale attempts to highlight the fine-line many of us can sometimes struggle with. Just what is the right balance of work and life. As the common saying is, work to live not live to work.

But what is truly heart-warming about The Intern, is that even the smallest of people can make the biggest impacts. In essence, you are not just a worthless small person within the big world of corporate elites, but a valued human being no matter which role you fill in the workplace.

Overall Rating:

The Intern hits Aussie theatres October 1.

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