ALBUM REVIEW: Leona Lewis – ‘I Am’

Leona Lewis returns to her ballad roots…

Leona Lewis is officially back with her brand new album ‘I Am’.

‘I Am’, the singer’s fifth studio album marks the departure of Lewis from previous label Syco Music and a new musical beginning with Island Records.

On her departure, Lewis explained to Digital Spy, “I was thankful to even get the chance to make another record. But I cannot make music that does not speak to my soul, and as scary as it seemed, I could no longer compromise myself, and so I decided to leave.”

While her last album ‘Glassheart’ was by far from a bad album, ‘I Am’ is more in a league of her true ballad self. Lewis has truly been allowed to harness the most of her vocal abilities, as beats put to rest with the spotlight, instead shone on her heavenly voice.

‘You Knew Me When’, is probably the one that does this the most as Lewis’s powerful voice and emotion can be heard, along with the heavy emotional, ‘The Best and The Worst’ and ‘Thank You’.

It’s not all a slow-fest for those pop-bopping lovers as she gives us some fun vibes on ‘Ladders’ and ‘Another Love Song’.

Welcome back Leona, we’ve needed some pop ballads from you again in our lives and ‘I Am’ is the perfect return vessel.

Best Tracks: You Knew Me When, The Essence Of Me, Thunder, I Got You, Another Love Song, Thank You, Thick Skin.

Overall Rating:


Island Records.

‘I Am’ is now available to stream and purchase on iTunes.

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