ALBUM REVIEW – Lana Del Rey ‘Honeymoon’

Lana Del Rey croons out soulful delights in her new album, Honeymoon.

On first listen, Honeymoon was moody, reflective and somewhat boring.  I found it difficult to distinguish one song from another.  I waited for the track I could call a definite ‘hit’.
But then I realised, this isn’t that kind of album. This is an album named rightfully so, for it truly is a honeymoon.

Second listen, I relaxed. I sat back and just listened, and I felt that this is how the album was meant to be consumed; with full attention to the imagery, the lonely slowness, the comfort of the perfect harmonies and the truth they sing.
The intro to Honeymoon is one of the most beautiful starts to an album I have ever heard.  Picture it as a soundtrack to a black and white film and this song will come alive.
Terrence Loves You references David Bowie’s Space Odyssey in the most hauntingly beautiful way, while the spacy Art Deco is speculated to be about close friend Azealia Banks.

High By The Beach is a strange mix of acoustic hip hop and scatting in a track obsessed with moving on and relying on herself, and a definite highlight of the album. 
The love songs of the album cross languages and emotions.  Salvatoreis powerful and moving, while Religiondescribes Rey’s devotion to a lover while crooning ‘hallelujah, I need your love’. 
Overall, the album is blue, brilliant and beautiful.  Listen to it, actually listen to the lyrics and instrumentals like the spoken word poetry in Burt Norton, and you’ll find a haunting deepness to Rey’s vocals and imagery that will move you.  It’s peaceful, it’s somewhat minimalistic, and it’s one of Rey’s best.

Verdict: 8/10