TV: Pretty Little Liars, Season 6 Episode 5 “She’s No Angel” and Episode 6 “No Stone Unturned” (Recap)

As we all know the producers of Pretty Little Liars like to keep their viewers on the edge of their seat and they certainly did that by giving us a crazy episode that left us craving more and then going on hiatus for a week. But never fear, we’re finally back and ready for some answers, so sit back and catch up on episode 5 before we decipher this week’s addition to the series.
“She’s No Angel”

Spencer’s Losing Her Mind
First off she’s hallucinating about a creepy padded cell, that we later find out was from Radley, that contains an even creepier little girl who dances her way around Spencers dream, leading her to a new clue about Charles. Next she’s in a permanent state of narcotic induced calm with crazy plans to venture back into the closed off Radley – her downward spiral is continuing at a steady rate.
Sarah Is Here to Stay
The crazy girl with no social skills just wont leave, this episode see’s her get into a fight with her mum and decides that emancipation is a perfect solution. With the help of Emily and Caleb, she gets all her paperwork done and is officially a resident of Rosewood – quick right? She celebrates her newfound freedom by getting inked and convincing Emily she needs a tattoo too. What on earth will Mrs Fields think of this?
An ‘A’ Clue
While on an art adventure with her new muse Clark, Aria finds herself in a town dump, full of creepy dolls to photograph. But as we know Aria isn’t the only one who’s into photography ‘A’ s also pretty handy with a camera and follows Aria. Although she is extra wired these days and notices someone lurking in the shadows and leaves without a scratch, but after going over Clark’s film its clear to see if he isn’t just a pretty face, the boy managed to snap a picture of A! Well, he catches a figure wearing a black hoodie – with boobs, A’s a girl?!
Radleys Hidden Secrets
As if this season wasn’t dark enough, we have to go back to where it seems to begin – Radley! Detective Marin and Sherlock Hastings aren’t exactly qualified for the job of super sleuth or Radley tour guide, but Mona didn’t show to assist them. In their searches Spencer spies a creepy poster with the image of a young girl (the same one as in her dream) but of course it means nothing to Hanna, so we must continue on. The poster technically leads them to the creepy place from Spencer’s dream, the one with the bathtubs but it’s just used for storage now. While rummaging through the junk they manage to find the patient file of Charles. The file reveals that he is actually dead, all his organs were donated as well, there’s no way he’s still alive.
Charles’ file isn’t all they find, they also run into Mona who’s acting shady as hell trying to sneak files out without the girls knowing. Whose file you ask? Well that would be creepy, angry Leslie, so it turns out she was also a patient at Radley (who isn’t these days honestly). Although she wasn’t just any ordinary patient, she was also Bethany Youngs roommate! It still doesn’t make total sense, but I guess we’re on our way to finding out something because when Mona divulged to Leslie that the file was stolen she was pretty mad. What the hell does she have to do with this?
Thank goodness episode 6 is here, because damn I need this.
“No Stone Unturned”

Now Now it wasn’t exactly the episode I was hoping for, we got a couple answers but honestly it feels like we’re going in circles and now we have to wait another week. This time around we’re focused on Leslie, as A/Charles and go on a few adventures to prove her guilty. Of course it’s never that easy though.
Leslie Stone
The big thing (since last episode) is the liars are certain that Leslie is now A, I mean she was in Radley so she was obviously best friends with Bethany and Charles and is avenging their deaths. The first task involves Hanna ‘borrowing’ Leslie’s car while its parked in valet, giving her and spencer a perfect opportunity to search through it. Their looking doesn’t find too much other than an ID card for a science lab, the fact that her glasses aren’t prescription and she has large cages unassembled in her boot.
These clues are enough to convince the girls that Leslie is definitely A, and they recruit Aria to scavenge through the lab with them later that evening. Although poor Aria had her own scare while venturing back to the pile of trash, you guessed it – a creepy doll. But not just any doll, a creepy Aria replica, pink streaks and all so obviously while they think they’re one step ahead of A they’re beyond wrong.  At the science lab they find nothing of value except for themselves.
Remember a few episodes back that ended with tracking screens with each of the liars on it? Yeah that was definitely A, he’s tagged them and their trip to the lab has made them aware of it, how creepy. And of course, no trip is worthwhile without a visit from Mona, who surprises the girls and actually gives us some answers! While she swears up and down she has nothing to do with this, it’s just a little weird she always knows where the girls are. Nonetheless she reveals that while the girls had their suspicions of best friend fuelled revenge, Leslie actually hated Bethany and she never met Charles. So as all of us should of guessed, Leslie is just a pawn in Charles/A’s game, but that’s not the only juicy piece of info Mona has to offer. Mona gives us the news we’ve all been waiting to here, that’s right Charles is still alive…. dun dun dun…. Of course the medical records were botched, the boy was on heavy meds; as if they’d let someone that doped up give away their organs. But that’s not all; apparently Charles escaped Radley with Bethany on the night of Ali’s disappearance. We’re finally coming full circle.
Happy Birthday Charles
Not only did we discover that Mr D’s estranged son is alive, it seems it’s his birthday. As a creepy little gesture A/Charles (I assume) leaves a little note on his car and he spents all episode trying to figure out where it came from. We end ‘No Stone Unturned’ with a shot of the birthday card, which has a creepy little note inside while Mr DiLaurentis digs up the grave we’ve wanted unearthed all season.

Oh, and someone supposedly attacked Sara while she was riding a bike and her and Emily finally kissed. That’s all folks, another week and honestly another headache. But hey, we’re finally getting some answers right?