Pretty Little Liars, Season 6 Episode 7 “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and Episode 8 “FrAmed” (Recap)

As we all know we’re getting closer and closer to reaching the mid season finale of this jaw dropping. Even one of our liars is eagerly awaiting episode 10, Troian Bellisario (Spencer) has been letting social media know that she’s on our side and we’ll be getting the answers we deserve. But before we finally get to figure out what we’ve been dying to know for 6 seasons it’s time to recap the lies we’ve been told.
O Brother, Where Art Thou

One Step Ahead
Now I know what you’re thinking, every time the girls think they’re one step ahead of Charles/A they’re always mistaken and left in danger. But, this time around the girls are actually using their heads for once. After researching how to remove a tracking chip from a DIY tutorial on YouTube (talk about sanitary) Spencer, the genius of the group discovers that leaving them in might be beneficial after all. For once it seems that Charles doesn’t realise something the girls do, he doesn’t know that they’ve been made aware of the fact that they’ve been chipped. They use this valuable knowledge to later thwart one of Charles’ plots.
Emily + Sara = ?
Now I might be getting personal here but I just can’t stand Sara and want her gone more than I want to know who A is – seriously. As we all know Emily is incredibly naïve, I mean she was always defending Ali even when everyone knew she was a monster in preppy clothes, so of course she treats Sara like a fragile doll about to crack. In this episode we get reminded of a character that made an appearance about a million years ago that seemingly had no reason of being there; one of Sara’s old friends and she wants to reunite. Although not without her guard dog Emily, she invites herself along and then gets defensive at the thought of Sara going to stay with Claire… Just let her go Em, everyone’s lives would be better for it! The two kiss, and Sara pretty much runs off to stay with Claire. She is still incredibly suspicious; unfortunately I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of her.
Birthday Memories
Last episode Charles left a little birthday card for Mr D and it wasn’t exactly the father son reunion you’d imagine. He had Mr DiLaurentis so scared that he took Ali away to some random motel for the episode to keep her safe. For some reason Jason didn’t tag along for family bonding, and instead decides to visit his older brother Charlie. He finds another birthday note and a red balloon as bait and swears he must be alone when they’re to meet.
This is where it all starts to get messy, the girls find out about Jason’s plant to meet up with Charles alone and of course they decide to meddle. As they believe they’re one step ahead of big bad A the girls go ahead and remove the tracking devices themselves. Spencer then decides that it’s finally time to fill Toby about all the things they’ve discovered and she begs him to tag along to Jason and Charles’ meeting. Although in Rosewood it’s never that easy, you see while Toby was hesitant he eventually comes around brings Lorenzo along for the ride and Toby eats too many of Spencers special treats. Officer Cavanaugh essentially got high on the job and let Charles get away as the world around him got a little trippy.
Always one for nostalgia Charles managed to set up a home movie display in the DiLaurentis home where he sent Ali and Jason down memory lane. As if A/Charles didn’t have enough alias it turns out both of his siblings attended a birthday party of his one-year, but they thought it was for their cousin Freddie. It shows a new side to Charles as it turns out he wasn’t always a monster; he was a sweet kid who shared frosting with Ali and cried when they were to leave. But of course that doesn’t change what he’s done in his adolescence.
This episode Mona and Mike also reunited, but it wasn’t exactly the lovey dovey union we were hoping for – it was pretty awkward and it don’t see these pair reigniting their love.
Stay tuned as we cover what happened in the next episode as we still struggle to figure out A/Charles/Freddie and what the hell is going on.


Detective Marin and Detective Hastings
A few episodes ago Mrs Marin somehow managed to get Hanna a College Scholarship, but it was all pretty suspicious. ‘The Carissimi Group’ gave it to her and it has monetary ties to the DiLaurentis family, and there’s no real information on the scholarship anywhere. So thankfully Hanna has taken on the role of most logical liar because she thinks its shady asf and sets out an investigation of her own. She brings Spencer along for the ride and the pair set out to their business office and attempt to do some sleuthing before getting interrupted by a handsome ‘stranger’. His name is “Rhys Matthews” and he can’t really answer any of the girls’ questions and can’t set up a meeting with the head of the organisation, but he also looks oddly familiar.  The guy could easily pass for a DiLaurentis and now Hanna is jumping to conclusions about his identity – could it be Charles in the flesh? (Probably not, that would be too easy)

Aria And The Art Show
I’m not sure why Aria thought she could go to an Art show and exhibit some of her photographs without it all going terribly wrong but I suppose she’s an optimist. She gets Tanner on her side and there’s a pretty good cop turn out, but as we all know A/Charles/Freddie/Rhys? Is smarter than that. But, before we get to the art disaster, it’s worth noting that this episode Aria’s new friend Clark is being super shady, he struggled to answer simple questions and is incredibly curious about Arias run in with Charles at the arcade. But, back to the artwork – Aria was ready to have her creepy dolls on show for the world to see but when the curtain dropped it wasn’t the dolls she expected to see. Charles swapped out the images, and instead of those junkyard dolls it was Charles’ dolls. Cue the horrific flashbacks to the dollhouse as the girls are reminded about the horror they faced.
After the show has been evacuated for investigation Spencer, Hanna and Emily set out home, but discover Rhys Matthews (Jason lookalike) lurking around the art show and set out to follow him. He leads the girls to an incredibly creepy abandoned doll warehouse and for once was smart enough to stay in the car. The stake out gets more intense when another car joins the bunch, and Aria’s new art pal Clark enters the building.

Ali’s Still Pretty Shady
Don’t let her new soccer mum look and soup making skills fool you she’s still the same of Ali we all hate. She took to the role of nursing her cop boyfriend back to health, by cooking soup and tending to housework but once he fell asleep she swiped his Rosewood PD ID card and went investigating. She didn’t find too much except a baby rattle before she was interrupted by Tanner and later scolded by Lorenzo, but her tough girl demeanour changed when she learnt that brut force would be used in the chase to capture Charles.
Red Coat Returns
At one point in the episode we’re treated to a view of A in his/her lair as they were keeping an eye on the set up of the art show – but they weren’t alone. It seems that Charles/A does has friends, Red Coat joined him – He has a partner in crime. Then in the last few seconds of this episode we cut to a scene where a hooded figure packs some supplies in a trunk and he gets into car. The figure then knocks on the driver glass and it’s none other than Red Coat who hands the figure Prom tickets, who will have the last dance?
Where as she been? Has she always been here, lurking in the shadows? Does she know Charles’ back-story? Does Charles know Red Coat’s identity? Is Red Coat even a She? Is A even Charles? Will Charles get Red Coat a corsage?

Hopefully all will be revealed next week in “Last Dance” stay tuned liars.