An outrageous tale on monogamy…

Amy Schumer, heard of her? You may have seen her host last year’s MTV Movie Awards. If you haven’t heard of her you will soon, as Amy is taking over Hollywood.

In her latest comedy flick, Trainwreck we get to see her face the struggle of monogamy in the form of character of the same name, Amy (as she also penned the script for the flick). After growing up on bad advice from her father that love does not exist, Amy goes through life avoiding all attempts to settle for the white picket fence.

Throughout her journey viewers are treated to the hilarious scenarios Amy faces when appointed to a new assignment by her loud-mouthed magazine boss. Amy Schumer doesn’t fall flat in case your wondering as she delivers some downright hilarious dialogue alongside her crack-up facial expressions. Colin Quinn, who plays love interest Gordon is also a treat here and compliments Amy’s personality. Not to mention the two also share some serious on-screen chemistry!

WWE superstar John Cena also makes a hilarious cameo along with Daniel Radcliffe, which yes is the hilarious and much-publicised spotting of him earlier last year walking a bunch of dogs.

Trainwreck although does sometimes fall into typical rom-com fluff, in which the overall theme of the movie tries to stay away from. Although thanks to its highs it mostly wins at being a worthy comedy of the summer (if you are in the US) or winter (for Aussies).

Verdict: Not your typical rom-com as it aims to challenge societal norms of love and relationships, only to sometimes fall into the stereotypes it attempts to break.

Overall Rating: