A little fun but a whole lot of talk…

While many may just be seeing this for Channing Tatum‘s built bod and sexy dance-moves, you may be in for a little less than expected.

5000 people turned up to get some male eye-candy in Sydney at a massive entertainment arena.. yes an arena! A first for the city, which proves just how much Warner. Bros is marketing this new baby. But were viewers left satisfied with what they got in the end? 

The sequel to the all-male stripper hit flick which is loosely based on Tatum’s stripper days revolves around the gang reuniting after previously going their separate ways.  They try to reinvent themselves this time around by finding new ways of being relevant as male strippers/entertainers. It also again gives an insight into the emotional and testing moments of pursuing such a lifestyle/career whilst making each character engaging… well both intellectually an physically stimulating that is.
It although doesn’t feel as quite on-level with its predecessor which delved into a more deeper account on the chacracters lives, especially now that Alex Pettyfer is no longer part of the squad.

Come again for a little more buffed goods,
just don’t expect a whole lot of it…

I mean there is still a lot less stripper moves or nudity, but the story just isn’t as engaging as the first and is quite choppy in the way it goes from them tackling their own problems together to a random strip-house led by Jada Pinkett Smith.

If you enjoyed the first one, you will likely enjoy this one but don’t expect it to out-do its predecessor or reveal anymore of your fave hotties.

Verdict: For a film advertised as raunchy, it’s actually quite tame and filled with extended dialogue sequences yet still kind of entertaining.
Overall Rating: