WATCH: Owl City ft. Aloe Blacc ‘Verge’ Music Video

From the artist who brought us ‘Firefly’ comes a catchy new track full of energy!
Fans of Owl City have been waiting patiently for the artist’s fifth album, Mobile Orchestra, set for release July 10.  Verge gives us a little nibble into what the album will be; and if the rest of the songs are good as the title track this album could be a massive hit.  
Verge is a catchy electric pop song bound to get you dancing.  Featuring an inspiration message alongside powerful vocals provided by Aloe Blacc and Owl City, it’s almost impossible to not get caught up in the song’s beat.
The music video fits right along with the themes of youth, a graduation video showing the potential in all of us, if we only step out ‘on the verge of the rest of our lives’.  This song was released with great timing as students are graduating across America, instantly relatable to many young people who feel ready to take on the world; all they need is a soundtrack for the next stage of their lives!

So, will this song take over Vitamin C’s ‘Graduation (Friends Forever)’ and become the next popular graduation song? Whistle along to the tune below!