WATCH: Little Mix – Black Magic (Music Video)


The talented British ladies from Little Mix are back with a brand new single and they’re ready to cast a spell on you. The song is called “Black Magic” and it’s looking like it could be their biggest hit yet. It’s a light-hearted, catchy tune that screams radio play and it’s climbing up both the single and video charts. Get ready to be acquainted with their mystical powers because the video just dropped and the girls aren’t shy because they’ve got the recipe for a hit.

The music video is set on a university campus and we watch four nerdy girls stumble across a book of magic, which transforms them into stunning witches. It’s an entertaining video in the sense that they only use their powers for a bit of fun, the term ‘Black Magic’ could have been taken a completely different road but the girls kept it light. It’s the perfect clip for television play and I’m hoping we’ll get to see it on more of our screens soon.

Take a sip of their secret potion and check out the video below!

image: singersroom
image: capitalfm