WATCH: Icona Pop – ‘Emergency’ (Music Video)

The wild and crazy Swedish duo Icona Pop has just dropped the music video for their latest single Emergency. You better call an ambulance because you may need rescuing after this one! The song is an infectious, jazzy tune that’ll get stuck in your head and have your toes tapping along. Emergency is pretty much a classic party song, so it’s nothing new for these electro ladies.

The video is a fun little clip that look’s like it was shot on instagram, it’s all about crazy costumes and funky dance moves. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are dragged into an odd little room and are arrived on a medical table, but the emergency is more than over because they’re ready to party. Their wardrobes, hair, and makeup are absolutely ridiculous but itmatches the song and the girls’ personality pretty much perfectly.

If you wanna dance, then here’s your chance!

image: music.mxdwn