Don’t tell her what to do…

It’s safe to say 18 year-old Grace Sewell, Australian Singer-Songwriter owned me in her new sexy single ‘You Don’t Own Me,’ featuring G-Eazy. The song was a remake of the 1963 original by Lesley Gore and produced by Quincy Jones, who also co-produced this version more than 50 years later. It was also more recently heard on the promo ads for Channel Nine’s ‘Love Child’. From there, the track captured the ears of many for its seductive tune and empowering lyrics boosting it to the top of the charts in the UK, USA and Australia.
The video just dropped yesterday and it showcases a face off between the novice and 26 year-old, American Rapper-Songwriter, G-Eazy in the studio. Grace is fierce with her powerful vocals and piercing eyes, her sound is similar to Christina Aguilera and the entire song deserves more than casual and playful interactions in the studio. G-Eazy was clearly in control and kept it cool throughout the video but with such a strong, feminist message behind the song, it was a little disappointing that Grace wasn’t seen at some point in the video breaking free, ripping off her corset, throwing down her whip and running into the street, singing her lungs out in the rain.
But I’m not going to tell her what to do, she’s the “boss bossed if you don’t know”and this is easy to see in the video. It’s sexy, smooth and commands attention. Here’s hoping the video keeps playing on all screens at all slumber parties, girls nights’ in and while every girl stuffs herself with ice-cream at every break up around the world!

Watch the video below and try not to sing along – I challenge you!