TV: Pretty Little Liars, Season 6 Episode 3 “Songs of Experience” and Episode 4 “Don’t Look Now” (Recap)

I know, I know I’m late once again but this A/Charles thing is almost too much for my head to fathom so I needed a mental break in order to get my bearings. It’s okay though episode 3 was a bit of a bore, nothing much was discovered just more of Ali flirting with the new cop and Sara acting weird. Nonetheless though let’s go over what happened in ‘Songs of Experience’ so we’re all caught of for this week’s episode.
Songs of Experience
Like I said before nothing noteworthy happened in this episode, it was just the girls going around in circles pretending they were fine and refusing that they needed help. Even when Hanna forced them into meeting with Dr. Sullivan they couldn’t get the counselling they need because A appeared out of nowhere via video chat and threatened to kill Sara (while she slept) if they didn’t leave her office in 30 seconds. After their hearts start working again, they’re given a bombshell that Andrew is getting out today; the police have no real evidence that he even did it. Although the cops are right there’s no way he could be anything but a pawn in this, I mean he was still locked up when Sarah was threatened.
The only other thing worth mentioning from this episode is that after Ali’s dad refused to give any information to who Charles DiLaurentis is Spencer confronts Jason, in the hopes that he has any information. But, to his knowledge “Charlie doesn’t exist” because he was an imaginary friend of Jason’s who just ‘disappeared one day’. The last scene of the episode was the absolute highlight; enough to send shivers down your spine. It shows Ali slide an old photo of Mrs D and two young blonde boys into the photo album. (Presumably Jason and Charlie because it’s the same as the farm footage) The pair then confronts their father and has a little heart to heart about the boy who never was, while Charles/A watches from outside a window.

Don’t Look Now
Unlike this episodes predecessor a lot of things happened this week, so get prepared because we’re about to breakdown what’s been happening in Rosewood this week; The girls breakdown, Caleb’s being overprotective (and a little creepy, tracking devices? Really?) And Sara is even creepier – hanging out on roofs and running away, and finally we get a little insight into the mystery that is Charles.
Spencer’s Spiral
We all knew it was coming; the little pills always defeat the strongest liar, last week we saw her swallow her little circle of relief that she stole from Aria. And this week we catch her rummaging through her garbage in the hopes of finding her remaining pills, stay classy Spence. The pills aren’t all though, she also befriends a new character Sabrina who works at Ezra’s coffee shop who becomes a dealer of sorts for Spencer. She promises to bake her some pot brownies, to help her de-stress. Oh spencer, do we have to bring your drug counsellor back?
Aria’s Meltdown
It seems that each week we get a glimpse into the meltdown of each of the girls, this week poor Aria has another run in with A which definitely isn’t helping her mental state. While she’s been pouring her heart into photography to try and forget the past few months, a creepy doll continues to catch her eye. In her attempts to get out of the house and distract herself she finds herself stuck in the darkroom with a creepy note from A which triggers a flashback from the dollhouse. But never fear, he fate isn’t to drown in photography solution she’s rescued by an arty soul named Clark – a new love interest perhaps? She also finds solace in having a breakdown, retelling the creepy room she was locked in for 3 weeks. It’s kind of nice to see her break down, just a little bit because bottling up those emotions cant be healthy.
Charles’ Story
FINALLY! We’re getting somewhere with the mystery that is Charles and his relation to the DiLaurentis family. Throughout this episode we discover that ‘Charlie’ is in fact both Jason and Ali’s brother, and he’s 15 months older than Jason (well that destroys the twin theory doesn’t it). Apparently young Charlie was a troublesome little boy who tried to drown an 11-month baby Alison in a bath of scalding water, he was then institutionalized at Radley. The DiLaurentis’ then moved to Rosewood to be closer to their first-born son and that’s why no one else has ever heard of Charles. Mr DiLaurentis also drops the bombshell that his disturbed little boy committed suicide while in Radley at the age of 16.
Which of course seems a little suspicious, I mean he was a major suspect in all of this he can’t be dead can he? The Liars then set out on an adventure to get a peak of Charles’ medical records from a storage centre, but only find ages 13-16. The only significant thing they find is that he only ever had two visitors; Mrs D and Ali’s aunt who passed away while the girls were in tenth grade. After filling Jason in on what they found, he is immediately suspicious because he visited his late Aunt’s house after the elevator accident and found his mother cleaning up the place and acting super shady, she wouldn’t let him inside. A trip to the house crushes all their theories because they stumble across a headstone for Charles and it’s pretty legit, they wouldn’t let Hanna dig it up wither. So the new theory we’re running with is that someone Charles met in Radley must of assumed his identity and is now tormenting them.

Well that’s it for this week liars! Stay tuned because it’s only going to get crazier from here on out.