TV: Pretty Little Liars, Season 6 Episode 2 “Songs of Innocence” (Recap)

Last week we were delighted to have Pretty Little Liars back on our screens and started gearing up for the craziness that the ‘Summer of Answers” had been hyped up to be. I doubt you laughed but I know you cried, because the liars are free from Charles’ torture and his dollhouse. We all had high hopes that they’d keep up the high pace intensity this week but you can start breathing again because this episode is a bit of a bore in comparison. Now don’t get me wrong we do get valuable insight into what happened to the girls down there, but some things were just missing (like the answers to my many questions).
The Return of Andrew
When I say ‘return’ I mean we talked about him so much last episode that it was only right the police caught him this week. The entire thing is a little suspicious, I mean Toby found him just running through the woods and he surrendered a little too easily. If it was really that simple wouldn’t they of caught ages ago? And funnily enough Andrew also refused to talk about “A” in his questioning. Is he protecting someone now? Because we all know that he was really A/Charles we wouldn’t of caught him straight up in episode 2.

New Cop in Town
As part of “Rosewood PDs Fresh Perspective” we get a new, handsome cop to look at and he also happens to be Toby’s partner. We all know Rosewoods history with cops, they never make anything easy, they’re always suspicious from the moment we meet them. And this ones no different, straight off the bat he’s taken a liking to Ali, the pair even have a little moment at church and later bond at The Brew.
Will we see Ali get a little romantic this season or is this fresh face here to wreak some havoc?

Aria is the worst Liar of them all
I’m not sure if these girls will ever learn that lying to the Police only ever gets them in more trouble, but Aria is the worst for it. I get it, all they really want is Andrew behind bars, because it was mentioned to them and now they’re certain he did it. They have no real evidence, they never actually saw Charles unmasked (although they had a perfect opportunity last season). During this episode Aria runs straight to the cops to try and keep Andrew locked up but her lying skills could use some work. Both the officer and her mother had a hard time of being convinced that Aria actually saw him down there. Good job Aria, good job.

Coping Mechanisms
The girls are understandably on edge after the torturous 3 weeks they endured in the silo/dollhouse and we finally got a little glimpse of what Charles did to them. It seems he had them hooked up to a shocking machine and made them choose which one of their friends to torture and if they didn’t everyone got a taste. He did this by playing some twisted mind games, truth or dare? Who do you love more? Anything he could to make them hurt one another while hurting themselves in the process.
This kind of torture obviously triggers differently, for Hanna it was seeing her room so she spent the episode tearing it apart and redecorating. Emily decided she didn’t feel safe and needed protection so she found solace in her fathers guns, going to the shooting range for practice. Aria is a little more guarded than the others, nothing stimulates any kind of ptsd at this stage, she’s just completely unwilling to talk about what happened. While poor Spencer is completely agitated, unable to sleep and seeking meds. So much so that she steals some of Arias anxiety meds after her mother forbids her to have them. Although she remains strong in the episode, only time will tell if she goes back down this path.

Sara’s Story
Throughout the past two episodes we’ve only gotten glimpses of Sara, but this episode is where we finally get some one on one time with her. She doesn’t say much while Emily visits her in the hospital and she’s whisked away before we get another chance to get ourselves acquainted. That is, before Emily seeks peace on an evening walk and discovers Sara watching from the shadows. Emily’s mother of course invites her in for a cup of cocoa and we learn that she ran away from a mother who didn’t really care for her. She also lends her opinion on the Andrew Campbell theory the girls and cops have been working on. After seeing/hearing about him on tv she is unsure that he is the mastermind behind all of this and after spending more than two years playing A’s game, I think she’d know. What she has to say changes the game, what other interesting things will we learn from Sara?

And, that’s about it from Rosewood this week. Like I said, we didn’t really learn anything but the writers have us right where they want us – begging for more. I wonder what next week will reveal.