TV: Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 1 “Game on, Charles” (Recap)

That’s right, the liars from Rosewood are back to be tortured for anther season! So book yourself into Radley now cause let me tell you, this season is going to be insane. We left off last season with our favourite liars trapped in one of A/Charles’ cages, and that’s where we pick up – right where we left off. They’re still in their pretty prom gowns crying in the dirt because their plan failed and you guessed it Charles isn’t happy. I hope you’re ready for the season of answers to come, because this episode leaves you more confused than ever before.
As we all assumed there’s actually no way out of the barbed wire square the girls got into after the prom tragedy, not that they really tried. I mean, crying and giving up hope is the eventual option but these girls didn’t even try they just had a nap in the dirt and Emily decided she’d happily lick sweat off a jock strap at this point – gross Em. Some time passes, it could be hours or it might have been days but the girls finally got the prompt that they’re to “follow the lighted pathway” as the doors open. Once they re enter the dollhouse that creepy gas mask comes into play, the girls get gasses while Mona is saved. The gas clearly knocks them out because when we next see them they’re naked on metal cart, morgue style – creepy right? As they’re freaking out about the weirdo that Charles is they’re paid a visit by Ali/Mona before they’re sent to their rooms as Charles has a “surprise” for them. Of course they’re hesitant but they go and begin screaming as soon as the door closes.

3 WEEKS LATER… and we’re back in Rosewood.
Of course… a time jump. We don’t want to know what their surprises are, no, not at all.
As the police discovered last episode that Mona is actually alive, Ali’s murder case got overturned. But now it seems that Andrew Campbell is the prime suspect and of course he’s missing. That doesn’t stop Ali because she’s at home with her family, plotting against the police to try and find the girls. Equipped with our favourite boyfriends, they all team up to try and outsmart Charles while also sending the Police on errands away from them. They trick the Police into thinking that Andrew has taken her to the abandoned farm that they searched last season. But Ali is off on the case of find A and the girls, with Caleb and Ezra trailing as her security behind.
While all this crazy stuff is happening back home we finally get to see the girls after their 3 weeks of Charles torture. They look like they’ve been reminiscing on their pasts because they’re in season 1 clothes. Is that why they were screaming? Aria was like “oh go no, not the pink streaks again why can’t we let them die” while Emily was crying because the sight of her old tracksuit fashion tragedy is enough to give anyone nightmares. Good work Charles, you’ve locked them in the dollhouse and given them makeovers, wow terrifying. All jokes aside it’s clear he’s messed them up pretty bad because they refuse to talk about what just happened. He sends them into Mona’s old room – Ali’s bedroom to find it empty with nothing but furniture and boxes. Where’s Mona?  Why does he have this stuff? Why is he leaving clues? In the boxes of Ali’s things Spencer finds a bunch of old toys, some carved with the initials “J.D” “L.D” and “C.D” this is how Spencer makes the connection that Charles must be a DiLaurentis and this is personal.

Some searching of the boxes the girls discover its all of Ali’ stuff from her old room at home and even a newspaper clipping vaguely describing what’s happened on the outside. That’s not all, the girls have boxes of their own with things that Charles has been collecting for some time, things thought to be lost months ago. The girls still don’t know where Mona is, but fear the worst as they’re preparing for a  “new arrival” and were made to sign a welcome card for Ali. The real one. While unpacking the boxes Aria discovers a message from Mona carved in the closet “He’s going to kill me – M”. This is when we get to see Mona’s fate, she’s in a hole – literally. The hole is one be Charles’ creepy form of punishment; you’re thrown down there with nothing and are left to go insane.

All this fear and anger pushes the girls to set themselves free when the generator clicks out for the night. They try to make their way to the vault, through an old storage room and look for a passageway. Emily finally pulls her weight and finds the passage that leads to Charles’ little lair from last season, the room that proves he has a soul. Once again we play they old family movie and see nothing new… thanks a lot PLL creators, why would you give us something that might answer a question. The girls then think it would be a genius idea to burn all of Charles’ prized possessions and begin with the home movie, then moving onto the bassinet and doll. It’s clear they never went to girl scouts because the fire spreads much quicker than anticipated and they nearly die down there. Not before trying to put it out by taking down one of the hideous red curtains which reveals that Charles is just standing there, staring at them. Although it seems they’re trapped in a glass box because he is on the outside. While they decide that they didn’t get this far to die down here they begin scurrying around trying to find Mona and an exit, thankfully they find the hole pretty quickly and rescue Mona. Maybe the dollhouse isn’t has big as we once thought?
You see Charles had a real dilemma, while the girls were burning his family shrine his new arrival was right where he wanted her. Ali followed all his little clues, even dressing in the hideous yellow top once again and stood waiting by a trap door. While we watching his brain ticking from “Liars” to “Ali” he must of chose is stuff or escape. While Ali literally stood on top of the dollhouse our favourite boyfs also followed the clues and found her safe once the tracking device Caleb planted stopped after she changed clothes. And thankfully one of them must of attended Boy Scout meetings because they actually spotted all the smoke that’s wafted up from below and discover a room of the dollhouse covered in vines. Miraculously the door they bust open is also the door the girls are trying to get out off. Cue the romantic leap into each other’s arms as the couples are reunited, with Emily racing into Ali’s arms and poor Mona left to shiver in the cold. While everyone is reacquainting themselves the police raid the place and discover another girl down there…

If you were playing close attention to the episode you would of noticed this girl, who’s blonde and also dressed in that ugly yellow top looking around doors and leaving food outside the girls rooms. It’s not Mona and it’s not CeCe, it’s Sara Harvey. Remember her? She had a brief plot line many seasons ago as a girl who went missing around the same time as Ali and the girls thought she was in her grave. But no, she’s been in A’s dollhouse for two years it seems. It’ll be very interesting to see how this one plays out because I certainly wasn’t expecting it!

Also where the hell is Charles.