No, you haven’t fallen into a dream state; you read that correctly, the original Disney Channel princess is back after a break from the music industry. It’s been 8 years since her last release, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten the secret to making a catchy, pop record. It’s everything that your 15-year-old self wants from the now 27-year-old songstress. ‘Breathe In. Breathe Out.’ is Duff’s fifth record and it gives us a glimpse into her personal life. With songs that make reference to her closing one chapter and diving head first into the scary unknown.
The entire album flows quite nicely together, starting with some fun dance tracks, like the promo single ‘Sparks’ or new track ‘My Kind’ and trickling down to the slower pop ballads that showcase Duff’s vocal talent such as ‘Breathe In. Breathe Out.’ and ‘Tattoo’.
It also features a nice little duet ‘Night Like This’ which includes Heffron Drive’ front man Kendall Schmidt and while it’s nothing that’s going to break the charts it’s still a sweet little love song and a nice addition to the album. The two deluxe edition tracks “Belong” and “Rebel Hearts” are wildcards of sorts, they have a different sound to the rest of the album and aren’t exactly showstoppers. But while they aren’t as memorable as other tracks they do work well lyrically with the vibe of ‘Breathe In. Breathe Out.’ and are worth a listen.
With Hilary Duff’s latest release we hear of love lost, lies told, new love, and ultimately learning that you’re ‘One In a Million’. It’s everything you didn’t need know you needed, hidden as a collection of pop-dance songs.

Album Standouts: Sparks, One In a Million, Confetti and Night Like This


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