REVIEW: Florence + The Machine – ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’

Florence delivers once again…

Florence + The Machine has finally made their return to radio this year with hit singles “What Kind of Man” and “Ship To Wreck.” Now it’s time to listen to the era in it’s entirety with Florence’s third studio album ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.’

Embodying a mix of both ‘Ceremonials’ and ‘Lungs’, Florence embarks on playing with new styles – particularly trying out a more upbeat rock-style such as those heard on first single “What Kind of Man” and recently announced third single “Delilah.”

Themes on the album are also quite different to her previous efforts as it delves into Florence’s psych – dealing with self realisations, love, loss and making sense of the world around you. All the things that make us love Florence as she somehow taps into our souls once more by expressing issues that Florence finds fascinating, which hauntingly transcends with us as listeners.

If you’ve seen the visuals that accompany this album, you will see that they are just as striking as the songs which Florence has always been able to accomplish with her mystical and witchery touches.

It’s been almost four years since ‘Ceremonials’ was released, so it’s good to have you back Florence + The Machine!

Must-Listen Tracks: What Kind of Man, Delilah, Ship To Wreck, St.Jude, Third Eye.

Overall Rating:

‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ is now available to purchase at all digital and retail outlets.
Island Records.

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