REVIEW: Carly Rae Jepsen – “E·MO·TION” (Album)

Canadian pop-princess returns with more catchy pop perfection…

You probably already know that “Call Me Maybe” hit sensation Carly Rae Jepsen is back. I mean if you haven’t already heard her catchy new hit “I Really Like You” on the radio already then your probably living under a rock.

She has already proven that she aint’ no one hit wonder and if you thought a pop-girl could only muster a certain amount of infectious pop tunes then your wrong as her third studio album, ‘E·MO·TION’ is filled from top to bottom with them.

Modern-pop? check, as Carly serves a crop of modern-day pop on catchy tracks like “LA Hallucinations” and the thumping opening track “Run Away With Me.”

Classic pop? double-check with Carly delivering such rhythmic and boppy 80’s throwbacks like “All That” which was also produced by hit-maker Ariel Rechtshaid. “Boy Problems” and closing anth-matic track “When I Needed You” also showcase that 80’s vibe we all love!

Modern mixed with classic pop? triple-check. Carly goes forward in blending both these two together on Saturday night anthem “Making The Most Of The Night” and self-empowering track “Your Type.”

If your a sucker for analysing emotions and love, let Carly be the soundtrack to bring out all those unexpressed feelings. If your not that into emotions well just enjoy the poppin’ candy to your ears and if you hate pop, well maybe stay away?

VERDICT: Slay Carly! What a sensational and flawless pop album, a must for pop-a-holics.

Best Tracks: “Run Away With Me”, “Gimmie Love”, “Making The Most Of The Night”, “LA Hallucinations”, “Warm Blood”. (Be sure to check out the deluxe as the bonus tracks are just as great as the standard edition, particularly “Black Heart” and “I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance.”)

Overall Rating:

“E·MO·TION” is currently only available in Japan 
& will be released internationally on August 21.

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